Emap, in the period Dawn was there, went through a huge amount of change. There were acquisitions, significant disposals, changes in senior and board personnel and ultimately the break up of the whole group. Dawn was in a unique position supporting the most senior executives throughout this period.

She was aware of events that were highly confidential and price sensitive, was often asked to work extraordinarily long hours and frequently had to use tact and diplomacy to get things done. During this period Dawn provided unstinting support, was always on hand to help and she demonstrated huge commitment to doing a thoroughly professional job. She is totally trustworthy, works to the highest standard, is her own worst critic. A good PA makes an executive’s life easier and Dawn is the best I have worked with. I would have no hesitation in working with Dawn again.

Ian Griffiths

currently Group Finance Director ITV plc, formerly Group Finance Director, Emap plc

In the period of over two years that we worked together Dawn took on as much responsibility as I could give her and she became not just a huge part of my everyday working life but that of the company as a whole. Her devotion to duty saw her working extremely long hours driven on by her desire to do the job correctly. She is a professional of the highest ability who can achieve a great deal treated with the respect she deserves. Any company who employs Dawn will benefit greatly from her skills.

Marcus Leaver

CEO, Quarto Group, formerly CEO of Chrysalis Books

Dawn is very flexible in what she can offer as a Virtual Assistant and I commissioned her to work on something that would probably fall outside the general spec of a VA. However, Dawn admirably rose to the challenge and worked extremely quickly, efficiently and presented the results beautifully in a format that now saves me a lot of time in approaching prospective advertising clients for the magazine.

Jane Smith

Owner, Community Times Epping

Dawn Gomes has been a volunteer at the Women’s Therapy Centre over many years. The Centre provides psychotherapy for women with mental health issues. As a volunteer Dawn is often the person who covers reception. She always treats women coming to the Centre to use its services with respect. Dawn has a keen eye for detail, is efficient and has excellent administrative skills. I am pleased that Dawn is committed to volunteering her time and considerable skills to the Women’s Therapy Centre on an ongoing basis.

Ann Byrne

Chief Executive, Women’s Therapy Centre

Sorry forgot to update you re Dawn – she was great and would use her again.

Managing Director

Lingerie Company

Dawn Gomes is a great help to School of Booze. I am very grateful for Dawn’s meticulous approach to work, her efficiency, and the fact that she acts as an ambassador for School of Booze whenever she meets someone who might be interested in what we do.

Jane Peyton

Principal, School of Booze

Having worked closely with Dawn over the last year or so, I can thoroughly recommend her as an expert in her field. Her attention to detail, face-to-face practical delivery and innovative solutions have enabled me to enhance my business profile. A great person to know and be connected with, Dawn is an absolute delight to work with, and I would definitely recommend her and her services to any organisation large or small.

Karen Flint

Director, New Direction Partnership

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